Doe Bay Fest

Joe and Maureen Brotherton, Owners of Doe Bay Resort | Photo by Hilary Harris

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Get Ready!

Doe Bay Fest VII - The "Roll the Dice" Fest will be here before we know it. It is months away but we are already actively involved in the planning. As always, we live in fear of failure. That should be diminishing since we are getting more experienced but it is actually increasing because last year was another life changing gathering for so many of us. (I blame Kevin Sur for making last year so much fun that it is almost impossible to even do as well, much less better. Fortunately he is part of the team responsible for making it better. If it is not 105 cooler than last year, I will give you Kev's home phone.) Two groups of people need some information now, so here it is:

Attendees (Tickets)

Tickets are now for sale at Doe Bay to all Resort Guests. Any guest staying at the resort may purchase tickets in person for themselves and other registered guests staying with them. Tickets are $100.00 and a festival camping tent site is also $100.00 for five nights. Residents of Orcas Island who are dinner guests at the Doe Bay Café on Sunday nights throughout the Winter may also buy one ticket for each person at the table. All tickets will be available while supplies last. Additional information is available at ROLL THE DICE.

Artists & Musicians

We have upgraded our submission process to make it more efficient and hopefully easier to submit to play at Doe Bay Fest. We are so fortunate to attract over 700 submissions for about 15 spots, so this is roughly the equivalent of getting into Harvard (directly out of 3rd grade.) We have tried to make it fair and less random and every year we have seemed to find some incredible artists who simply submitted out of the blue. The submission page is Doe Bay Fest Submissions.

Please come and see us whenever you need some Doe Bay time. Let me know by writing to Our door is always open and you are always welcome here. With much love,

Joe and Maureen Brotherton

Post-script – So many of you thanked me, personally and I passed those on to our Doe Bay Team. When you stumble in here again, please thank all the people who work and live here. I am a small part of a great community. I think you observed the culture that we have created. Like I say to our staff, "for the rest of your life, there will be: your whole life… and the Doe Bay years."